Photo Gallery

Purple Coneflower

Royal Catchfly

Orange Coneflower

Obedient Plant

Ashy Sunflower

Rattlesnake Master

Tall Larkspur


Wild Quinine

Passion Flower

Iron Weed

Lance Leaf Coreopsis

Mist Flower

Thin Leafed Mountain Mint

Black Eyed Susan

Swamp Rose

Greek Valerian

Monkey Flower

Dutchman’s Breeches


Bluebells and Greek Valerian

Wood Poppy

Scaly Blazingstar

Compass Plant

Indian Cup

Appendaged Waterleaf

New England Aster

Elm-leaved Goldenrod

Wahoo Flower

Rose Mallow (white)

Rose Mallow (pink)

Northern Blue Flag

Wild Hydrangea

Great Blue Lobelia

Cardinal Flower


Jack in the Pulpit

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